Development Process

Oct. 1958: The predecessor of the company "Ping Chao Township Welfare Co-op " established;

June, 1970: Renamed as “Ping Chao Radio Component Factory of Nantong County”, started to develop and manufacture aluminum electrolytic capacitors;

Sept. 1981: Changed to “Jianghai Capacitor Factory of Jiangsu Electronic Parts & Components Industry Corporation”;

Nov. 1991: Changed to “Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Factory”;

August, 1997: “Sichuan Mianyang Jianghai Electronics Co., Ltd.” founded;

June, 1999: Nantong Hicon Electronics Co., Ltd. established, a joint venture with Hitachi AIC;

March, 2000:  Becoming the state-level high & new-tech enterprises;

June, 2000:  The joint venture “Nantong OSTOR Electronics Co., Ltd.” set up;

August, 2002: Changed to “Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Co., Ltd.” after restructuring;

July, 2003: “Sichuan Mianyang Jianghai Capacitor Co.,Ltd.” established;

2005: The joint venture “Nantong Jianghai capacitor Co., Ltd.” established after taking in the investment from Hong Kong Yiwei

April 2007: Inner Mongolia Hicon Electronic Material Co., Ltd., another joint venture with Hitachi AIC;

July, 2008: Changed to “Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Co., Ltd.”;

Oct. 2010: The holding subsidiary company “Shaanxi Feng Xiang Haiyuan Energy Storage Material Co., Ltd. established;

April, 2011: The holding subsidiary company "Nantong JH-ELNA Electronics Co., Ltd." established;

Nov. 2011: The wholly-owned subsidiary “Nantong Jianghai Power Electronics Co., Ltd." founded.