Platform Construction
Platform construction

Electronic Grade Chemical Material Development Platform

The development of electronic grade chemical materials and sealing parts including the development of new solvents & solutes and the research of high stability additives, air-tightness and high temperature resistant sealing materials.

New Capacitor Model Development Platform

New capacitor model development covers the development of high conductivity electrolyte & high temperature resistant electrolyte  (+150 ℃) and the research of various types of new capacitor structures. 

Special Production Equipment Design Platform

The special production equipment development includes the research of special equipment for the production of special purpose capacitors. 

Capacitor Application Platform

The capacitor application research focuses on the research of capacitor application in the circuits of frequency converter, switching power supply, automotive electronics etc.

Capacitor Inspection & Test Platform

The inspection & test mainly falls on the test of electrode foil, chemical materials and various kinds of sealing materials, and the performance test and the simulation test of capacitor application in the actual circuits.