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Brief introduction of postdoctoral research station of Nantong Jianghai capacitor Co., Ltd

The postdoctoral research station of Nantong Jianghai capacitor Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and upgraded to a National Postdoctoral Research Station in 2010. It is an important cradle for the company to tackle technical problems and cultivate key talents.Relying on the National Postdoctoral research workstation, the company has built a R & D platform for capacitors and their materials, special equipment, testing, application, etc., and has long cooperated with Nanjing University, Central South University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Silicate Research Institute and other domestic famous universities, committed to the R & D and upgrading of new technologies and products, and taking the road of production, University, research and development. In May 2012, the company and the postdoctoral flow station of Central South University jointly recruited Dr. Li Jian to carry out the research and development of "high performance aluminum / carbon composite foil for the anode of solid polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor". Through the modification of related materials, the optimization of production equipment and process flow, the industrial products with low cost, stable property and high performance were realized. One paper was published in EI and one national invention patent was applied, which broke the technical monopoly of Japan and realized the localization of carbon coated foil. At present, the company has a standing doctor.

Brief introduction of Engineering Technology Research Center

The predecessor of Jiangsu capacitor engineering technology research center owned by Jianghai Co., Ltd. at present is Nantong Jianghai capacitor factory Research Institute. In 2003, the company established Nantong capacitor engineering technology research center on the basis of the factory Research Institute. In July 2006, the company cooperated with Nanjing University School of chemistry and technology to establish Jiangsu capacitor engineering technology research center. In 2010, Jiangsu capacitor Engineering Technology Research Center was established through Jiangsu Province Acceptance of provincial science and technology department. In the past three years, the center has accurately positioned itself, vigorously strengthened applied research, carried out engineering technology research related to electronics, new materials, machinery, chemical industry, etc. according to the development status of the capacitor industry, and built five platforms including electronic level chemical material development, new capacitor development, special production equipment design, capacitor application and test.

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